DataLyzer SPC Software

Real-time OEE and SPC Software

Real time SPC SoftwareReal-time data entry, storage in a central database and analysis provide instant feedback and response to process problems.

Global support, training and implementation

Global SPC software implementationDataLyzer® is used world-wide and has built-in multilingual support (18 languages) for international implementations. DataLyzer® has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA and local capable trainers and consultants in a lot of countries. Select menu option resellers to find your local representative.

Easy to implement, universally data

Easy SPC software implementationRegardless of the database platform, DataLyzer software is simple to install and easy to implement. The design of the SPC software makes system setup fast and user-friendly.

Scalable architecture

Scalable SPC software architectureYou can start small with stand-alone FMEA or SPC software and the system can grow with your needs to a company wide network supporting hundreds of users in multiple locations.

Extended functionalities and experience

Complete SPC software for manufacturingDataLyzer was the first company ever to supply commercial Gage management and SPC software. Over the years we have developed extended functionality tailor made to different kinds of industry. Our team of experts has extensive experience with FMEA, SPC, MSA, Calibration, OEE and Six Sigma implementations.

Clients: more than 300,000 users

Customers range from small job shops to multinationals with more than 80 plants in different continents using DataLyzer® in their own language.

DataLyzer SPC software is being used in industries with a diverse range of processes.
More and more companies experience the advantage of a SPC software supplier offering an integrated solution for the advanced quality planning process where FMEA, MSA, Calibration, SPC and OEE are integrated. DataLyzer SPC software has been implemented in many industries like automotive, chemical, packaging, high tech, pharmaceutical and food. The video shows an example of a SPC software implementation in injection molding.

Example: SPC Software and OEE in AFA