SPC Wizard

SPC Wizard is a SPC program for variables and attributes. SPC Wizard is unique in that it combines a complete SPC training module containing process simulations and a process improvement game with full functionality for real-time data entry and analysis.

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Training SPC for variables

The training module of SPC Wizard for variables contains a graphical simulation of a launcher firing tennis balls. The program records the positions where the balls land. Landing position is influenced by both common and special causes of variation.

The program is developed for students who already have a basic knowledge of SPC. It teaches them how to apply SPC to production processes.

Special causes of variation can be programmed to occur at pre-set shot numbers so customized examples of data can be produced for training. Students can make control charts and calculate control limits to detect the special causes of variation. The program supports the students with full explanation of the principles and many helpful features.
The program also describes capability analysis and the usage of the capability indices (Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk). Click on the button below to see an example of a training session explaining process capability analysis.

Training SPC for attributes

In the training module, attribute processes are simulated by taking samples from a box filled with coloured beads. The results of the simulation can be quickly displayed on control charts, a Pareto chart, a scattergram or a table of results.
The training module also contains a complete simulation of Deming's red beads experiment.

Real-time analysis for variables and attributes

SPC Wizard is capable of reading data from ACCESS, Excel or DataLyzer directly. This means you can directly show control charts and capability analysis with superb analysis possibilities of your data without manipulation of your data files. With a set-up Wizard, you can quickly define a data entry table for new data, including date and time fields, note fields, fields with other production information (like process settings and tracking and tracing information). Once data has been entered you have full analysis capabilities with the control chart, histogram, Pareto chart, multi vari analysis and scattergram. SPC Wizard contains many features to facilitate data analysis, for example:

  • calculate control limits using any section of the data;
  • make analysis based on parameters added to the chart like operators, ordernumbers, articlenumbers etc. (multi variance analysis)
  • select attributes to appear in a chart;
  • multiple Paretos, histograms or control charts;
  • time based analysis;
  • add notes to the samples;
  • exclude points from the calculations;
  • change the number of columns in a Pareto;
  • combine samples or calculate intervals in a special rare event mode;
  • show different charts on one screen;
  • add information to the samples to allow correlation analysis between process settings and attribute defects.
  • make correlations between different tables from any SPC Wizard, ACCESS or Excel file based on a common parameter (eg workordernr) or based on time differences


Guided tour

There is a guided tour available to get a full insight of SPC Wizard. Please click on the button below. If the tour is started in explorer you can show the demo in full screen by pressing F11 on your keyboard.

Process Improvement Game

In the game mode the student is confronted with 4 possible special causes of variation: Two different suppliers of balls, the room temperature, inconsistency of the launcher caused by a weak spring and debris on the floor.
The student has to use the control chart to identify which of the special causes are affecting the process. The game is won when the landing position of the last 100 shots is very close to target. The game is lost if the student tries to remove a special cause which was not affecting the process.

You can download the PDF brochure