✔️Over 40 years of experience

DataLyzer was the first company ever to sell a commercial SPC and Gage R&R software dating back to 1979. Our 40+ years of unsurpassed support for Quality tools implementation across six continents has resulted in our invaluable experience in training, consultancy, and implementation. Our understanding of customers’ problems and/or innovative solutions has empowered corporations to dominate the market and achieve excellence.


DataLyzer is a completely independent organization. No external shareholders and no financial interest of any external party including banks. This means we are in this for the long term and are able to set our own strategy aimed at the well being of customers en employees. We have by far the most experience in this market. John Hall was the first to ever build a commercial SPC program back in 1981 and he is President of the company in the USA. Arno Koch was the first person ever to produce a commercial OEE program and he is MD of OEE Coach. Marc Schaeffers (CEO) has more than 30 years experience with hundreds of implementations worldwide and the next generation is already on board. Combine this experience with an excellent programming team in Bangalore with more than 20 programmers, making DataLyzer unique to fulfill all your software and training needs relating to SPC, FMEA, MSA, OEE and CAPA.

✔️Scalable Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

DataLyzer offers a flexible and scalable solution that enables customers to start with a single station single module, expand to a plant-wide integrated solution (SPC, Process Flow, FMEA and Control Plan, Calibration and MSA, real-time OEE and CAPA) and support a company-wide network with users in multiple locations. Our solutions are engineered to import data automatically from a variety of sources and are available in 21 languages to cater to solutions around the world. With a quick setup, our user-friendly software can be implemented on any platform.

✔️Localized Presence, Training and Global Support

Change is the only constant. And improvement is the result. Our local presence allows our customers to reach us easily and connect with our local trainers and consultants. Our experience across different regions will help you get the best support, delivering local and global benefits. DataLyzer is already minimizing international travel for more than 10 years even long before COVID. We support you as much as possible with local people or webbased training minimizing our footprint. We have an extensive network with own offices and experienced distributors some with over 20 years experience with our products.

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