Introduction to Risk Analysis PDF

In the concept version of ISO 9000:2015 risk analysis will be a requirement.  This white paper describes an introduction to risk analysis and FMEA, the history of FMEA, how to get started with FMEA and the layout for IATF 16949.

Managing FMEA’sPDF

What is required to make your FMEA program a success? What do you need to prepare before starting with FMEA’s and what do you need to do per individual FMEA.

FMEA ClassificationPDF

How are is priority for improvement established and how are classification symbols and special characteristics used in FMEA? Different methods will be discussed for prioritizing: Risk Priority Matrix, RPN, Action Priority, Classification Symbols.

Is Excel the right tool for FMEA?PDF

It seems at first but there are so many specific requirements which are very complicated to implement in Excel, that Excel is hardly the right tool.

FMEA and HACCP: A comparisonPDF

In industries, FMEA is used. In Food industry HACCP is used. What are the similarities and differences and what would be the advantages for the Food industries to apply FMEA.

FMEA and Cost EffectivenessPDF

What problems do we fix, how much do they cost us? What are the current costs of customer returns? Does the FMEA affect the bottom line or the top line? How can FMEA generate new business?

Capturing Process Knowledge using Reference FMEAsPDF

How can knowledge be stored in FMEA’s and reused with new product and process development.

Zero defects AS13100PDF

Aerospace Standard AS13100: A Sprint Toward Competitive High Ground

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