Implementing OEE using DataLyzer SpectrumPDF

This white paper shows how you can start with OEE implementation and how you can use the DataLyzer SPC module to record the data, perform the calculations and create reports.

Big data, OEE and SPC

In this whitepaper we show how Big data, OEE and SPC are seamlessly integrated in DdataLyzer.

Integrating SPC, OEE and TPM

Integrating SPC and OEE in one improvement approach and using an integrated software solution has advantages:
– Productivity and quality will be equally important, and the company will truly benefit if both are improved.
– The methodology for continuous improvement will be accepted faster when both methods are integrated- and supported by one approach and an integrated software solution.
– When companies use both methods, time required for training, system support and system maintenance is reduced.

This white paper explains the differences between the techniques and shows the advantages of integrating the continuous improvement methods.

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