Overview and Benefits

OEE software overview

For real time OEE software DataLyzer has a partnership with FullFact. DataLyzer was the first company ever to offer a real time SPC solution. Fullfact was the first company ever to offer a real time OEE solution. The partnership results in the most powerful integrated solution available for real time SPC and OEE.

The FullFact OEE Toolkit software is a flexible real-time module that can accommodate OEE varying from manual downtime registration to full data collection from machines through any sensors, serial hardware connection devices, Ethernet software and hardware tools and OPC to obtain production information from your equipment.

Data from heterogeneous machines can be integrated providing a plant-wide single interface, dashboard and reporting OEE and SPC system. FullFact OEE software seamlessly integrates with the DataLyzer SPC system helping it to reap the enormous benefits of both TPM and SPC as continuous improvement techniques offering one user interface for the operator.

Benefits integrated OEE and SPC

Data acquisition for  OEE and SPC will usually go along. Some examples;

Food industry:

You want to apply OEE on a production line but you also need to measure the weight of the products every 20 minutes. The advantage of an integrated approach is that the OEE system can trigger the weight measurement based on the right business rules.

Injection moulding industry:

You need to perform quality measurements on the product preferable per cavity and the tool should be able to handle blocked cavities, but you also want to perform OEE and want to have an analysis if  downtimes are influencing the product quality.

Process characteristics might offer an early warning system for downtimes. If the cycle time is going to vary this might lead to downtimes. An integrated SPC and OEE solution can provide the tools to analyze correlations between process characteristics and production downtimes.

Automotive industry:

An OEE system is essential to push for very reliable lead times with the lowest cost. At the same time the customer requires to perform SPC measurements according to the control plan eg every 5th product and provide capability reports according to TS16949 requirements.

The integrated DataLyzer/FullFact solution can easily offer this functionality.

Pharmaceutical industry:

To optimize usage of resources more and more pharmaceutic industries are applying OEE but at the same time you need to perform quality measurements and comply with CFR 21 Part 11 regulations.

The DataLyzer/FullFact combination has all knowledge in house to offer all of this in their standard solution.

  • The unique combination of two top-specialists in their respective field, will offer the best thinkable functionality for discrete, batch and process industry and comply with all major regulations.
  • Integration between systems offers advanced analysis of relation between downtime and quality issues.
  • Operators use one interface to enter both SPC and OEE data thereby offering an optimal solution for quality and productivity improvement


Operational within           First results within                ROI as of

     24 hours                            24 days                           24 weeks


  • Precise

OEE Toolkit has a feature called Shift Scheduler, which works with predefined shifts, to be used for rapid identification of shift data. Even unmanned operations can be monitored. This will reduce causes of failure and guarantees that each shift is recorded right to the minute.

  • Easy to use

Remote Collect is the widely appreciated easy-to-use operator panel, to be used for semi- and fully automated data-entry and direct feedback at the machine.

  • Reliable

To increase the reliability of your data, we created roles. Only the people with authorized access will be able to make changes to data. Our User Access Control allows you to freely create roles and rights within your organization, for example for administrators, key users, production supervisors and operators.

  • Up to date

The variation and number of products change frequently and rises. To synchronise your master data at any given time, we have External Collect to import master data items using CSV format. Ideal for keeping your product range up to date.

  • Exchange

The technology used for OEE Toolkit enables us to exchange static and dynamic production data to virtually any third party software or database. Just ask us and probably we did it before already with one of our many customers!

  • Relevant

With the Language Editor, you simply change and add new languages to enable ease-of-use for any user. We group machines into logical subsets, to provide machine data to the appropriate persons. Report Mailers will distribute pre-scheduled and relevant information.

  • Real time

Data will be analyzed, visualized into information and reported by Factory Analyzer, in real time.

For more information read the full brochure or request a demo.

Video Tour

DataLyzer OEE Software implementation

OEE is often implemented in 3 phases. First we start manually at the end of a shift or run using the DataLyzer SPC software. During the second phase the customer uses the world class real time OEE software toolkit to enter the downtimes manually. In the third phase data is taken automatically from sensors or from the machine. The first movie below shows how you can enter OEE data simply in the SPC tool.

FullFact OEE Software

DataLyzer is fully integrated with Fullfact OEE software. The video below shows how the Fullfact OEE  Toolkit works.


DataLyzer OEE Software

The video below shows how SPC and OEE is implemented in AFA Dispensing group.



Implementing OEE using DataLyzer Spectrum

This white paper shows how you can start with OEE implementation and how you can use the DataLyzer SPC module to record the data, perform the calculations and create reports.


Implementing OEE using DataLyzer Spectrum

This white paper shows how you can start with OEE implementation and how you can use the DataLyzer SPC module to record the data, perform the calculations and create reports.

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