The AIAG-VDA transition training is complete and comprehensive training to create FMEAs in the new 7-step system, with the new headers and column names, including the differences with the 4th edition. Part of the training is also the action plan, when to use the new standard and when the old standard may still be used.

Topics that are adressed during the training:

• How to fill out the new Header format
• Step by step instructions on how to fill out the new form / new columns
• How to work with the new Ranking Criteria
• How to work with Action Priority/ differences with RPN
• How to use reference FMEAs
• Understand the link between the PFMEA and Control Plan
• When to transition to the new standard

For more information on The AIAG-VDA Transition Training Course please contact your Account Manager directly or email

Endorsement by Coba Plastics:
"The team at COBA were delighted with the recent expert delivery of the AIAG-VDA Transition Training delivered. All our queries and questions were skilfully answered and resolved. The trainers really knew their topic and not just on the Datalyzer software.
The session reassured COBA that we have made the right selection and business provider for our future state FMEA process."

- Gary Wyatt, Group Quality Director

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