In this month's newsletter  from DataLyzer, we will update you about our latest software release: The Email notification module. We also have an article that provides an overview into the Cost of Quality and discusses ways to control this cost. Finally, we will also introduce our CEO to you. We hope that you enjoy our newsletter.  Please feel free to reach out to us when any thoughts or suggestions.  We'd love to hear from you.

- The DataLyzer Team

 What's new?

DataLyzer Notification Service

This module consists of the Notification Manager, the Service Manager and the Service Engine. With these modules, you can create jobs to send out emails when an FMEA action is due or the import services is paused, etc.

The Notification Manager
DataLyzer Notification Manager is a configuration tool used to setup a notification system. Users can configure the system by subscribing to events occurring in DataLyzer software applications and send/receive customized messages with the desired information to designated user(s) or user group(s).

The Service Engine
DataLyzer Service Engine acts as a manager for all the jobs added to it, e.g. the notification job. It runs as a windows service in the background and is uninterrupted. The Service Engine identifies new jobs added through the service manager and schedules them as per the settings provided. The Service Engine can continue to run some jobs and stop others depending on the requirement of the user.

The Service Manager
The Service Engine Manager can be  used to configure jobs and notifications in case jobs fail.

A Job is simply a background task scheduled by DataLyzer. The job or jobs running in the DataLyzer Service typically run to schedule and periodically and carry out tasks or execute background operations. These jobs are ancillary to the DataLyzer modules. “FMEAActionsDue” job for example, works along with the DataLyzer FMEA application.
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The Cost of Quality

This article aims to provide an overview into the Cost of Quality and to discuss ways to control the Cost of Quality.  Let's start with a definition.

Strangely, the Cost of Quality isn't the cost of the product or service you offer.  It's also not the cost of buying machinery or equipment for the quality department and it's not the total cost of running the quality department - although there are obvious costs associated with these.  

Briefly, the Cost of Quality can be defined as the cost of not creating a quality product or service and the associated costs of not doing so.  For example, costs which include a decrease in product lifecycle, an increase in scrap, an increase in returns and an increase in the repair process.  All of which will increase your quality costs.

At DataLyzer, we work with quality professionals from all industry sectors and one of the key areas where quality professionals are focussed is on monitoring and controlling any variation in the products and services which they provide from the perspective of quality.  The reason for this?  To reduce rework and to ensure that defects don’t reach the market and end user.  This is done in various ways, including visual inspection and the application of real-time SPC tools.

Why do this?
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Let's introduce 

- Marc Schaeffers, NL

Marc Schaeffers is the CEO of DataLyzer International.

A Computer Science graduate with an MBA, Marc started a training company called ITK  in 1989, specializing in SPC. He soon became a distributor of DataLyzer products in Europe and in  2009, DataLyzer and ITK merged. In 2011, Marc started DataLyzer India.

2011 proved to be a very hectic year for Marc and his family because his wife spent a year in intensive care and rehabilitation, recovering from a heavy cardiac arrest.


With 28 years of experience, Marc still enjoys  developing products which deliver value to DataLyzer customers, developing the DataLyzer team whilst supporting our customers worldwide.


In his spare time Marc loves to play sports, travel and enjoys family life.