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Efficient analysis with extended functionality and smart performance reports to manage the quality improvement process.

SPC Software

DataLyzer® Spectrum is a comprehensive SPC software package simplifying the tasks of real-time data collection and charting and analysis...

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Gage Management

DataLyzer® Spectrum Gage Management software helps quantify measurement system variations and provides tools for reducing them. Include Gage Calibrat...

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FMEA software

DataLyzer® FMEA module seamlessly allows easy creation and management of Design and Process FMEAs and Control plans as per APQP framework. The module...

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OEE software

DataLyzer® OEE software is a real time OEE module allowing manual and automatic OEE data collection and integrates with SPC modules...

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SPC Wizard

DataLyzer® SPC Wizard is a complete SPC training and analysis module with process simulations , learning games and exhaustive set of advanced rea...

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CAPA software

DataLyzer® CAPA is a workflow software that helps create company specific CAPA processes and define custom workflows for each step and Action. ...

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Dashboard Software

The dashboard can show information from multiple sources. The system contains a designer module and a viewer......

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Notification Service

DataLyzer Notification Manager is a configuration tool used to setup a notification system. Users can configure the system by subscribing to events oc...

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Big Data and SPC Integration

You produce materials and goods that are successful on the global market. Your business is a networked system possibly with several sites and producti...

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