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Gage Management Software Overview

SPC analysis is largely impacted by measurement system error. Gage instruments, inspection techniques and fixturing all make up a measuring system. Any of these components can introduce variation in the measuring system. This variation in the measuring system is then reflected as part of total process variation in the SPC analysis and negatively impacts key quality statistics like Cpk, Ppk, Ppm etc.

DataLyzer® Spectrum Gage Management software helps quantify measurement system variations and provides tools for reducing them. Gage calibration and Gage R&R studies (MSA) are the key tools available in DataLyzer Gage Management.


  • Manage the cost of quality because calibration is a large part of the cost.
  • Flexible system to setup calibration studies.
  • Complete system for MSA studies.
  • Central tracking and monitoring of calibration and R&R studies.
  • Integration of SPC and MSA.



Gage Database

Gage location, Gage supplier, supplier information like shipping address, costs, service-record, etc. These records are maintained to allow quick reference for instrument service or replacement.

Gage History

Maintains a history of these calibration studies so that trends can be observed. Information about external calibrations can also be stored.

Calibration Study

During calibration options are available to select the number of calibration points within the measuring range, to select an available standard nearest each calibration point and to include measurement or master uncertainty in the study.  The Calibration procedure can be user defined and applied to all desired gages.


Calibration Study History, the results history, Calibration due reports and printing of labels is supported.

R&R Studies

Input methods include: by trial, randomized or open form/any order. ANOVA, Long and short, variable and attribute studies, complimented by performance curves, Range charts, Average & Run charts, Error charts, Normalized Individuals Charts, Whisker charts, X-Y plots and Scatter plots of the data. R&R percentage can be based on process variation, Study variation or specific characteristic tolerance.

Data Entry Methods

Data for the studies can be obtained manually from keyboard, automatically from gage via RS-232 / USB or imported from a spread sheet.

Multi-language Support

Built-in multilingual support to eases use among shop-floor workers. Languages include English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Slovenian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Italian, Danish and Swedish. Other languages can be added quickly.

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Video Tour

Datalyzer Gage Management Software

The movie below gives you a quick introduction how the gage management software works.

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